LED Street Light


▲ Low Luminous decay rate: Duration more than 50,000 hours with lower than 1% of luminous decay rate.
▲ Outstanding performance: Sustainable product which remain great performance under dusty, high temperature and humidity environment.
▲ Lasting Duration: With unique heat thermal techniques made lighting devices last more than 50000 hours.
▲ Waterproof Design: Best water proof design with warranty of IP65 and above.
▲ Light as Feather: 150W series is less than 8KG which is relatively lighter than competitors’ products.
▲ Luminous Quality: With professional outstanding design, lighting quality is enhanced to the best condition
▲ Artificial Intelligence: Equipped with compatible artificial adjusting device.
▲ Energy Saving: No pollution, no UV and blue light hazard and 100% recyclable.

For more details, please refer to www.jmled.tw/en/


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